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Why a Mortgage Agent?

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Why should I use a mortgage agent?” We love this question as it gives us the stage to explain why using a mortgage agent can be so beneficial to you! There is a popular misconception among people that we find ourselves constantly addressing and that is mortgage agents are only for people with bruised credit who don’t traditionally qualify at a bank. While this is partly true (we are able to assist those who do not qualify at a bank), using a mortgage agent is beneficial to every individual whether they have perfect credit or not. If you have excellent credit, we will be able to get you a mortgage with the best product available from one of our 35 lenders. If you have bruised credit, we will work with you to help you qualify. We have a range of lenders to suit all types of needs.

We are not under obligation with any lender in particular. What makes us different from the banks is we are working on your behalf for you—if we have to seek multiple options, then we will. Best of all? Our service is free to you. We are compensated by the lenders on close, which means you get personalized, one-on-one service throughout the mortgage process at no cost to you. We will be able to work with your schedule. Whether you work a 9-5, evenings, or weekends, we will make sure to accommodate your busy schedule to ensure that your mortgage process is seamless. We aren’t tied down or restricted by any particular hours!

So how do we work? Now that you understand the benefits a mortgage agent can offer you; it is time to briefly explain how we like to operate! If you are interested in accessing our services, you can first reach out to us on one of our social media platforms! Once you have reached out, we will schedule a time to have a brief phone conversation. We will ask you the very basic information, your name, contact information, and roughly what service you are interested in (in the middle of a mortgage term? We can review your current situation to see if it is worth it for you to Refinance with another lender!). Once we have your basic information, we will send you an email with our application. We have simplified our application to make it as easy as possible. We will ask you things such as your assets, your current situation, and any debts you might have.

Once you have completed your application, we will have you send it back to us for review. From there, our work begins! We will review your application and come up with a game plan on how to proceed. As we reach out to various lenders, we will keep you updated. Once we receive an approval or the best solution from a lender, we will follow the steps to closing. We handle the leg work; we navigate and speak to the lenders on your behalf. We will be with you each step of the way to give you updates on what is happening, and to guide you in the process, answering any questions that you may have. Our number one priority is to ensure that your mortgage closes without a problem.

Are you convinced? Contact us today to get your mortgage process started!

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